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Matthew Campbell-Hill is an experienced Chair and Non Executive Director, and retired GB Athlete. With a special interest in emerging technology design, use and adoption, especially in highly regulated areas, Matthew focuses on prioritising high quality communications strategies with internal and public engagement. Matthew has worked across the public, private and third sectors in novel technology, marketing/sales, public engagement and media.


In Matthew's current portfolio: 

- Non Executive Director of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport(DCMS),


- Non Executive Director of the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency(DVSA)

- Senior Fellow in Novel and Emerging Medical at the University of Birmingham Medical and Dental School

- Senior Adviser IESO Digital Health

- Senior Adviser ZPB Associates

- Chair of the National Public Steering Group for Push Doctor and

- Member of the Strategy and Governance Board for Push Doctor,

- Speaker at Speaker for Schools

He has experience across multiple other boards, including:

- Non Executive Director of the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


- Independent Board Member of the National Information Board (NIB), developing the strategic priorities for data and technology in the NHS. Alongside the NIB role,


Matthew was recently appointed to the NHS WiFi Programme Board which is tasked with assessing and improving the connectivity available for both patients and staff on NHS property.


Matthew was an inaugural member of the Medical Technologies Advisory Committee (MTAC) for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), creating national advice for the NHS on the adoption of emerging and novel medical technologies. He has advised on other NICE programmes, including the Technology Appraisals programme, worked with Medical Royal Colleges and as a part time broadcast journalist for the BBC.


Alongside his National roles, Matthew has a private consultancy advising on board performance, coaching, governance, and the use and development of emerging technologies and data across sectors. He is also available for public and motivational speaking events.


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