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High Performance Lifestyles

'Walk towards the people that have a different view to you.'

For my first entry in this blog, I thought I would reflect on one of the questions I am asked most:

"How are you an international athlete AND have a portfolio career?"

Well, there is no one simple answer, but perhaps the one ingredient that many do not reference when asked similar questions about busy lifestyles is this: surrounding myself with supportive teams.

This is different in each area of my life, and each one requires different attention to nurture, grow and support back, but without them I would NOT be able to 'balance' my lifestyles at all.

Over the coming blogs I will break down a little about each of the teams around me and that I am part of, looking at the various strengths each provides.

Meanwhile, this is a photo of me with one of my coaches, Kenichi Yamamoto at the Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Kyoto, after I'd just fought back from 12-14 against Russia to win 15-14.

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