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Conspiracy theories: potentially a bigger threat than COVID

I have a lovely friend in my wider social circle.

Their door is open to all, always.

And yet, they, like a great many other good, kind people, are caught in the misinformation trap.

Like most, they have not had the benefit of a post graduate education.

Please people, please:

Look where you’re getting your information from.

Contrary to what unqualified commentators and bloggers say, (and what is increasingly becoming a right-wing driven conspiracy theorists wet-dream) the science is really very clear:

Masks work!

That is why several countries where they regularly wear masks (South Korea, Hong Kong etc.) have a remarkably low COVID impact.

Please stop sharing conspiracy theories, they are developed to cause division and fear, not build a stronger, fairer society.

The far right depend on conspiracy theories to sow this division and fear, driving more money and power their way.

If you want to help in science or health, support the actual science.

Champion those who have the qualifications, who have done the studies and continue to challenge science with science, not with YouTube videos and comment sections.

Masks work.

COVID is very real.

Your safety and freedoms are indeed at risk, but from the very people you are feeding, not the scientists you are fighting.


Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

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